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Roof Ice Melt & Ice Dam Solutions

Roof Ice Dam

Roof Ice Dam Problem

The Solution:

Roof Ice Melt Solution

The Mountain Home Technology Advantage

  • Mountain Home Technology (MHT) is a local company that UNDERSTANDS ROOF ICE DAM PROBLEMS in the mountain environment & what it takes to eliminate them
    • Local Service
    • Local Assistance
  • Whole Total Cost of Operation Approach
    • Initial design & installation based on needs and environmental considerations
    • Innovative controls to reduce electrical operating costs
  • Providing COMPLETE Turn Key service - Design thru Installation

Glacier Guard Roof Ice Melt System Benefits

  • Eave Panel Uses 30% LESS Heat Cable than similar competitors
    • 30% Less Energy Consumption
    • Requires 30% of the Electrical Circuitry
  • Wider Valley Panel provides greater heat dissipation than similar competitors
  • Direct Heat Transfer along the ENTIRE Panel for maximum heat transfer
  • Cables are directly accessible by a removable top mounted cover
  • Can retrofit from existing self regulating cable
  • Standard Eave panel width can be expanded 
  • Attractive design which conceals the heating cables from view
  • Serviceable - unique design allows full access to the cable for future servicing or expansion of the system with removal of existing panels
  • Want to find out more? Contact Mountain Home 406-995-3211
  • Glacier Guard Xtreme adds architectural enchancement to the home as well as provides phenomenal results

Roof Ice Melt & Home Automation

  • Using MHT's Home Automation Controller provides the most energy efficient operation
    • Program for outdoor temperature
    • Program duration based on time of year
    • Operate less per day after the snowmelt channels have been established
    • Programming to minimize electrical consumption can result in 40% operational cost savings
    • The ability to add moisture sensing to suspend operation if there is no snow

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